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Full Building addition to Existing Church in Puyallup WA. LNC had a full turnkey package on the concrete, including the site concrete for the project. Landing this project allowed LNC to add several key employees that are still with the company, Jason Kilts, Jerry Radtke, Jarvis Weythman, Alex Rosas (full time).

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Leroy Newton Construction (LNC) is a turn-key commercial concrete contractor; a company that services the entire concrete needs on a given construction job. This includes concrete formwork design and installation, concrete reinforcement procurement and installation, concrete placement, and finishing. We believe in owning our work, taking pride in the result, and reinforcing the “team culture” within our employees and clients.

We promote a culture of respect, positive communication, and fun to create a win-win environment for our clients, partners, team members, and community. We believe in hiring the right people and invite you to join our family-oriented, values-driven team.


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