Preplanning leads to a safer, higher, quality, efficient, and cost-effective project. Covering the details during preconstruction builds a better team environment. The end result is a successful project.

  • Accurate Estimating
  • Project Scheduling
  • Design & Value Engineering

We believe in owning our work, taking pride in the result, and reinforcing the “team culture” within both our employees and clients. We work tirelessly to ensure we maintain transparent timely communication and a sense of collaboration throughout the entirety of your project.


  • People – We are in the people business. We take care of our employees, clients, subs, supplies and our community.

  • Integrity – We are honest, and we do the right thing always, even when clients are not there to see.

  • Grit – We get dirty. We are hard workers and love what we do. We are passionate about concrete construction.


Before the bidding process even begins, we have extensive discussions with each of our clients to go over their project’s needs and expectations to ensure alignment with our teams’ capabilities.  This careful review allows us to bring the highest possible value to our clients and partners.

Every project goes through a step-by-step preconstruction process to secure work in a way that is beneficial to our clients, vendors, subcontractors, and team. Even before a project is secured, we have spent hours planning and preparing. Our team oversees every aspect of your project from beginning to end to ensure everything runs smoothly and successfully.


Here at LNC our mission is to provide the highest-quality workmanship possible. We succeed at this because of the integrity of our staff and our commitment to a solid work ethic. In doing so we have the reputation as being not only a subcontractor but a partner. Our passion for staying current with the newest innovations of our industry is one of our top priorities.


The biggest factors that affect the price of any given project are the complexity of the project, the time of year the work will be performed, the location of the work, and material costs. Availability of materials, especially specialty items, can also have a major impact on the cost of a project.

We group our projects in 3 rough categories, small, medium, and large. A small project that has standard components can be turned around in a day or sometimes even less. A medium project can be turned around in a few days. A larger project can take a week up to 3 weeks to get turned around. If a project has a lot of specialized items that we need to get pricing for, this could extend the bidding process out even further.

We use the latest technology of estimating software; with this software, we can provide accurate takeoffs that will come with color coded drawings explaining what we have included in our estimate and what is not in our estimate.

LNC will have a proposal written up on a letter head that includes the price with inclusions of what we are pricing to cover and exclusions which describes what we do not have included in our price.

For larger projects, we include a bid scope letter which gives our client a heads up of what we will include so that they can make sure that all scopes of work are covered within their budget.


Leroy Newton Construction (LNC) is a turn-key commercial concrete contractor; a company that services the entire concrete needs on a given construction job. This includes concrete formwork design and installation, concrete reinforcement procurement and installation, concrete placement, and finishing. We believe in owning our work, taking pride in the result, and reinforcing the “team culture” within our employees and clients.

We promote a culture of respect, positive communication, and fun to create a win-win environment for our clients, partners, team members, and community. We believe in hiring the right people and invite you to join our family-oriented, values-driven team.


We’ll give you a call and schedule the best time for you!