Leroy Newton Construction takes great pride in providing “turnkey” concrete services—from preconstruction to closeout. We provide quality commercial concrete services to the Greater Puget Sound area by focusing on honesty, professionalism, and fairness when partnering with clients, employees, and suppliers. We believe our family-oriented, values-driven approach to partnering allows us to deliver high-quality and well-managed projects that are a good value and exceed our clients’ goals.

  • Structural – With our deep knowledge base and commitment to excellence, we meet a wide array of structural concrete needs for commercial development, industrial development, government facilities, and more.


We provide a comprehensive range of structural concrete services for commercial and industrial development, educational facilities, tribal facilities, government buildings, community centers, and more. Most concrete surfaces range from exposed concrete to architectural concrete.


Reinforced concrete is concrete that has steel or fibers embedded prior to placing the concrete to act in resisting forces. The reinforcing steel can be rebar, wire mesh, rods, fibers, or PT cables. These also help in reducing cracking as the concrete cures while reinforcing the concrete, providing additional strength where it is needed.


Design build is a form of project delivery in which the owner contracts with a single entity for both design, management, and construction. It is used in the building industry to simplify the project and provides many advantages to the entire team. The design build process speeds up the delivery, construction, and schedule, resulting in reduced costs.


Formwork is the “mold” that holds the concrete to its shape and size during the placement and is crucial to supporting the concrete while it cures. Formwork can be used as a temporary or permanent mold and is made from a variety of materials, including wood, steel, fiberglass, and ICF.


Most people don’t know the difference between concrete and cement, we get asked to pour cement and must correct them. Cement is one of the components used to make concrete.

Concrete without reinforcement is weak in tension. The tensile strength of concrete is about 10% of its compressive strength. Structural Engineers typically design the quantity, size, spacing and location of the reinforcement.

Post Tension slabs (often referred to as PT decks or PT cables) are used to run thru slabs for reinforcement. Once they reach a specified strength, they are put into tension or “Stressed”. The typical tendon has several steel wire cables wound together and placed inside a plastic duct or sheath. The same application is performed on bridges, dams, or other precast members.

Wood is most common as it can be easily cut to fit most sizes and shapes, and it can be recycled or reused for more than one pour. Steel forms are also common in the commercial and industrial concrete placement.

Fiberglass, plastics, cardboard are also products that can be used. Most of these are available to purchase or rent. Plastic forms are newer to the market and show promise as a lightweight alternative to steel forms.

Insulated concrete forms (or ICF) typically stay in place and act not only to support the concrete during the curing phase, but also insulate after it has cured out.


Our service process offers accountability, flexibility, and creative freedom for our engineers, pourers, and clients alike. We treat each project in accordance with the site-specific requirements. Our goals are quality assurance and quality control, all of which are predicated on projects being meeting the standards set by Washington State without compromising the vision of our clients:

  • Pre-Construction Services – Conceptual estimating, detailed estimates, project scheduling, design assist, and value engineering.

  • Project Management – Safety, quality control, productive management, material procurement, logistics, field engineering.

  • Construction – With proven procedures in place, project documentation, grit, and hard work, we work to finish on time, stay within budget, and use high quality materials.


We are on the leading edge of construction practices and are utilizing the latest technology—the Trimble Robotic Total Station—to modernize the concrete trade, eliminate errors, and accelerate the schedule. We set the standard and get the job done right. LNC specializes in the following structural concrete areas:

  • Building Foundations
  • Bridges
  • Specialty Equipment Foundations
  • Columns
  • Cast-In-Place Walls
  • Shotcrete Walls
  • Armory Bunkers
  • X-Ray Vaults
  • Cast-In Place Structural Slabs


Leroy Newton Construction (LNC) is a turn-key commercial concrete contractor; a company that services the entire concrete needs on a given construction job. This includes concrete formwork design and installation, concrete reinforcement procurement and installation, concrete placement, and finishing. We believe in owning our work, taking pride in the result, and reinforcing the “team culture” within our employees and clients.

We promote a culture of respect, positive communication, and fun to create a win-win environment for our clients, partners, team members, and community. We believe in hiring the right people and invite you to join our family-oriented, values-driven team.


We’ll give you a call and schedule the best time for you!